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About Us

About Us

ACG is a women-owned consulting firm that helps improve client profitability, generate new business revenue streams and advise on expert practices to meet your needs. ACG’s expertise lies with strategic planning for increasing profits while providing data driven solutions so you can reach all of those goals!

In today’s competitive environment every company has their hands full just trying to keep up in the market; this isn’t any different at private or public sector organizations across various industries . The difference between them being who they choose as partners – from government agencies down through small businesses into social enterprise groups.

We’re here to help you get the most from your resources. We have a track record of developing long-term personal relationships with customers by providing accessible, knowledgeable experts so they can make an educated decision on how best use their funds and expand access for themselves or organizations in need!

Mission Statement

We provide consulting services to public and private clients to further their capacity to strategically acquire resources and ensure proper management and compliance for the furtherance of public health, welfare, and recreation for all citizens and customers.

Core Values

INTEGRITY-we will be upfront, honest and transparent in all aspects of the business. We help get access to resources and there is a duty to do good with those resources.

RESPECT-this is a given. We respect each other and all clients.

COMMUNICATION-we over communicate. Nothing is left to imagination.

DEPENDABILITY-staff are dependable to each other and those we serve. We do what we say we will do.

SERVICE-we provide service to others to create a sense of community and leave a sustainable impact

Meet Cherrise

Cherrise Wilks, is the founder and CEO of Affinity Consulting Group.  Affinity Consulting Group started out as a series of dreams about a grant-writing business that didn’t come to fruition until years later, in 2010.  The vision for the company morphed into a total all-inclusive firm that encompasses the innate skills to help entities strategically plan for the vision and mission they want to implement through community and economic development.  Once developed on paper, our strategy is to help clients find resources needed to implement that plan.  When resources are secured, Affinity assists clients with management of the implementation of the strategy, and administration of monetary resources.

Our brand is rooted in helping clients fund their IT (vision, mission, program, or project) by providing experienced professionals who get results and have the expertise to manage over $310 million in revenue streams through a project life-cycle that can withstand any audit or external scrutiny.

Funding your business, government, and social enterprise’s mission is our end goal.

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